Will we have access to the digital negatives of our photographs?

Always. With rights to print them.

How many images can I expect to receive?

We take a quality-over-quantity approach. This typically boils down to around seventy-five or so images per each hour we’re present on wedding day. Of the entire group of images we take, we’ll first cull through so as to pick out the keepers; from there, we individually color correct and process each image with a six week total turnaround time.

What happens if your cameras or lenses stop working during our wedding?

Rest easy – for every camera body, lens, and flash that we use, there’s a duplicate waiting in a bag not far away.

Of course. If you’d like the nitty gritty, or if your venue requires proof, we’re happy to provide it.

Do you carry liability insurance?

We’re happy to be as hands-on or as on-standy as you want and need us to be. Sometimes that means we help plan just about every timing piece of your wedding day, whether directly affected by the photography aspect or not. And sometimes that means that we exchange a few emails but otherwise default to your planning skills, consulting only on how much time we need left open for certain key parts. In other words, we’re happy to help in whatever capacity you see fit.

Just how are you involved between now and our wedding day?

We strongly encourage it, actually! In simple terms, an engagement session is an hour or so of light-hearted hanging out. We’ll typically visit a couple locations and you’re welcome to change outfits as many times as you’d like. We don’t ask for much in the way of smiles or poses, but instead seek to instigate some all natural love and laughter. We’ll ask for your input on the feel of your engagement portraits, and from there exercise some creative freedom in putting together a game plan.

If we’d like engagement portraits, what do those details look like?

Oftentimes, we work with folks who come into the conversation, from the get-go, wanting two photographers present on wedding day. If you’re of this opinion, that’s great – we’re happy to provide an associate for a flat additional charge of $500 00 . With this in mind, we’d push to have a conversation regarding the ins and outs, timing and locations involved in your wedding day to be certain this is a cost-effective add-on.

Do we need a second photographer?

Great question. In general, we’re big fans of helping you identify the plans and the timing that make the most sense all things considered, and THEN figure out how photography best fits into that plan. Otherwise, it depends on a few things. For one, the number of locations involved in your day affect this. If you and your fiance are preparing for the day in two different spots, if your ceremony is elsewhere, if you’d like to stop off somewhere for portraits, or if your reception is across town, these inevitably make for extra time. However, if you’re getting ready on-site where your ceremony and reception are both happening, this simplifies things a bit. For two, it’s important to talk about which parts of the beginning and end of the day are important to you; if you’re planning to exit through sparklers, for instance, this is a considerable timing piece. With these things said, see the next two questions for further explanation.

Just how much time do we need you present for on wedding day?

As a baseline, a decent time for us to show up is about the time the bride’s makeup starts. Otherwise, if you’d prefer to have a larger portion of this time covered, or if you’ve got particular photo-worthy plans – brunch or lunch plans, for instance – then we’d love to be around as early as you’d like.

How much of our preparations do you need to be present for?

We love these photographs; they’re 100% candid and it’s impossible to have a bad time while cutting loose. If you’re of the same opinion, then we’re of course happy to dance the night away with you until that final song plays. But, with that said, an hour or so of time is typically a good amount to capture the spirit of the dance floor.

How much of our dance party needs to be covered?

High fives! We just ask for a signed contract and a deposit of $700.00 to secure your date. Quickly thereafter, we’ll plan some engagement portraits, if desired, as well as a few sit-downs to discuss particulars and goings-on. We put a significant emphasis on a process that’s enjoyable and personal, so we’ll make sure to have a great time while planning and getting to know each other better.

Say we’d love to commission you to document our wedding. What are the next steps?

Heck yes! We’d be happy to tell you about all of our favorite film makers, coordinators, florists, DJs, bands, caterers, graphic designers, calligraphers, jewelers and bakers. Just ask!

We’d like recommendations for other vendors who can help make our wedding great. Can you help?