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Building Bonfire // New Digs & the Importance of Space

Round about this time last year, I began conversing with a friend of mine, Jason Domingues (also a local photographer, as well as a leather crafter,) regarding the idea of a collaborative space for creative folks here in Kansas City. The idea had been on both of our minds for a fair bit, and though it was still in its formative stages, we knew we were onto something, even if only based on the number of great creative, entrepreneurial-minded folks in our circles.

Where We Started...

Last August, we began looking at physical spaces in which to potentially build such a place, and in October we reached an agreement on a space in downtown Mission. Since then, we've been brainstorming, designing, & constructing our way through the first phase of our plan, which we endearingly call Bonfire. 

While we've undoubtedly kicked around what seems to us like a million different ideas for Bonfire, we've kept the entire thing somewhat under wraps so as to not give any misleading details or cause confusion. But now, as we're nearing the end of our first phase of physical construction, we're ready to open the doors. And while Bonfire will continue to evolve as we bring more people on board, we're confident that its current direction is right where it needs to be; the importance of creating a blank space where folks can gather and collaborate has been shown to us time & time again.

Where We Stand...

So, Bonfire... simply put, it's a collective workspace connecting creative folks in Kansas City. It's an outlet through which to build relationships, foster community, encourage synergy, and have some fun. It's a full-time work-place for Jason, myself, and just recently our friends Nate & Meagan, who have since come on board. It's a shoot space, a meeting space, and a hands-on work area. And, in general, it's simply a place where we can take and leave our work.

Where We're Headed...

On the morning of April 9, we plan to hold an open house of sorts. We'll stream Kansas City's One Million Cups, and Steven from Red Headed Philosopher will be pouring his fantastic & fresh coffee.

We do plan to selectively bring on another creative or two who's looking for anytime-access to private desk space and a community of like-minded people. If you, or someone you know, fits that bill, we should talk. While we're eager to get folks in our space, we also understand that the space's environment and reputation are the most important things we can build. We're excited for what the future holds for our space, our respective businesses, and for Downtown Mission.

To see more photos, and read more about our vision, hit, or click the image below.