Matt & Izzie — Lawrence, Kansas

These two... they're a reminder that love is real & wonderful & fierce & selfless & simple & awfully fun. They're encouraging, by some means, simply by being near you. And after being witness to the simplest, most heartfelt & most true-to-themselves of weddings they put together, I couldn't help but wonder if they had managed to completely trump the Pinterest & Wedding Blog ways we've become accustomed to.

But, being that Matt & Izzie asked me to tell a bit of their story with my camera, I'll save the paragraphs upon paragraphs I could put here about them, their marriage, & their wedding day. It sure was something else, though; capped off by water balloons and the end-all be-all of hot dog buffets.

Ceremony at The Greenhouse Culture  //  Water Balloons & Hot Dogs at Centennial Park