Jared & Stephanie — Kansas City, Missouri

I always said I'd never use my camera at a close friend's wedding.

But I believe I'd say differently now.

I've known Jared since the early nineties, when all we cared about was action figures & wrestling each other. We lived together when he & Stephanie began dating. We've been alongside each other for many an adventure, both for fun & for work. And somewhere along the line of watching him & Stephanie - and more importantly because of their graciousness - we all decided that I would bring my camera along on their wedding day. 

I can say this. I see & experience weddings - and life, for that matter - a bit differently through a viewfinder. I like that. I was grateful on their wedding day, and I'm even more grateful here & now to have been just a small part & a witness to it all. The result was one of the funner weekends I've had, & a stack of pictures of which I'm more proud than most.

Be sure to click the play button, too, for a bit of accompanying audio. (And, to see the entire thing set to motion & music, head over to Vimeo.)

Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Guild
Flowers: Good Earth Floral Design
Videographer: Ryan Waggoner
Music & Entertainment: Sean Elwood
Hors d'oeuvres & Dinner: Orange
Design: Tenineteen

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