2013 // In Space & In Time

Two-thousand-thirteen. A year I had resolved to make simpler than the one which preceded it. A year that included travels all over; to places in which I had spent significant time, and to places upon which I had yet lay eyes (while most of which, as pictures prove, were at least fairly mountainous). A year that included twenty-six weddings, one of which was my own (you'll see Lizzie a handful of times below) -- and similarly, a year during which the two of us decided that we ought to buy the littlest, most snaggle-toothed puppy we could find. A year of new ventures, particularly in the form of a small shop near our home which we'll endearingly call The Bonfire. And a year that included more free space... both in pictures and in time.

In reflection of this past great year, I've chosen not to highlight my favorite pictures of weddings, but rather my favorite pictures of times away - from Texas to the Dakotas, from Washington to Maine. Thirty pictures that hold a place of story to me. Thirty pictures that make me grateful for time & space & people & freedom to roam this beautiful, mysterious earth God has placed us on.

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