A Gathering in Boxley Springs, Arkansas

Four days defined by equal parts coffee, whiskey, biscuits & gravy, reclining and hiking.

These two right here are among my best friends in the whole world. We make it a point to road-trip somewhere mountainous each year, and this particular go-around took us to the smack-dab-middle of Arkansas - and quite possibly the most remote countryside I've seen.

Weeks prior we had happened onto an Airbnb cabin described as entirely solar-powered, using only filtered rain-water. Beyond that the interior was laid out around a great little stove, and the exterior was inhabited by seven resident hens. The property was situated adjacent to 40,000 acres of protected forest, which translated, to us, into unbeatable views, creeks, and hiking. No brainer - we snatched it right up. (Come to find out the cabin serves its owner - a writer, and otherwise just a real cool gal named Robin - most commonly as a hideaway in which to compose. Awesome.)

As I often go back-and-forth on my stance on documenting personal travels - sometimes I see things most clearly with a viewfinder in my face, and other times I experience them more potently with only a memory to serve me - this particular trip produced a whole slew of fond memories but only a couple rolls of 35mm film. Several of my favorite frames can be viewed below, and if you fancy such a trip to the Arkansas mountains, you can read more about the cabin in which we stayed right here.

And a tip of my hat to The Find Lab for unparalleled dev/scan skills   Leica M2 / Nokton 35 / Portra 160 (black and white frames manually converted in Lightroom)

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