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John & Alex — An Elopement in Kansas City

One could reasonably inquire, "There's a lot of fluff out there in wedding world... what's absolutely necessary for a wedding?" To which I respond – in tandem with this set of pictures – by saying, "Not much... maybe a friend, your dog if you so choose, an officiant and some greenery?" 

John & Alex threw caution to the wind and did away with a lot of the traditional wedding pieces in lieu of heading to Liberty Memorial on a Monday afternoon, making things official, and then setting out for a few portraits with a good friend and their dog in tow. I was lucky enough to not only document said activities but be a legal witness, and the entire afternoon was just delightful.

Henry & Emily — A Classy Affair in Kansas City

If we're being honest, we weren't quite aware that a dance party of this magnitude could be had at a wedding.

Chock-full of moments, this one was... and it served as a good reminder that blue hour portraits are never, ever a bad idea.

Due credit:

Planning: Christine Darden, Celebrations of Love
Film: Addison Sauvan,
Baysinger Films
Maria Morris
Branches and Twigs
Ceremony Venue: Redemptorist Church
Reception Venue and Dinner:
Indian Hills Country Club
Music and Entertainment:
Jukeboxx Media